Day 3 : The sore part!

Its getting pritty late. I really should try and update this every day. Its been a pritty long day. Was gonna get up and go get a proper breakfast at a local sandwich bar. One look at the 9am time on my watch told me to "Fuck it", and i went back to sleep. Got up about 10ish. Had to drag myself out of bed as i had an airsoft shoot this morning. Wasnt too impressed with it to be honest either. Only 5 lads. How can you have a good day out with 5 lads?
Ive got a few marks on me but my backs going absolutely wild. I tore the legiments in it years ago, and even to this day, long periods of standing can give me back pain. I just need to rest. Had the girlfriend up tonight. I love seeing her. Love her to bits. Dont know what id do without her.
Pritty short update tonight. I know the title says Day 3...but thats cus i missed Day 2.
Will update again tomorrow night .